Brody Clemmer profile

Brody Clemmer - Product leader, start-up advisor, mentor, and proud Philly native - Go Birds 🦅.

I'm on a mission to enable people to be the best versions of themselves through technology.

Hello! I’m currently a Lead Product Manager at Koa Health, a B2B mental health company, based in Barcelona, Spain. While I'm not working on creating more access to behavioral health support, I advise startups on product discovery, product strategy, and go-to-market.

Every six months, I also mentor a new cohort of people in career transition or new to product management! If you're interested in being a cohort member, tell me about yourself here! 


Outside of work, I love learning about random things, doing house projects, brewing small-batch cold brew, experiencing new restaurants, and spending time with my family (wife and NEW son).